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At Archibald Automotive, we treat your vehicle like a member of the family.  We want to keep you moving and will go the extra mile to make it happen! 

As third a third generation tradesman, Jeremy grew up surrounded by people who worked hard and worked honestly.  He completed his official training at Conestoga College and is a certified Automotive Service Technician, with more than 10 years of experience! 

In his spare time, Jeremy is customizing his dream truck, a 1975 Chevrolet Half Ton (named Frank), goes on adventures with his wife, Amanda, and hangs out with his three cats, Zen, Mouse, and Loki.  Jeremy and Amanda had their first child in 2019, a little girl named Evie.

Loki, seen here, is the official mascot of Archibald Automotive!  Jeremy found this little creature under the hood of a car in 2017 and brought him home as his newest fur baby!

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Jeremy and his brother, Josh, who is a welder by trade, his grandfather, Ross, who is a tool and die maker, and his father, Kevin, who is also an automotive service technician.

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